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People in the psychology community contacted beforehand, and I believe to be paid off with false clinical labels working with the Police to stop the truth from coming out

(At one point I felt that I needed to talk to people in regards to what was going on and me finding out, to be met with corrupt quakes who labeled themselves psychologists, and psychiatrists involved in illegal activities)

before I even stepped in any office anywhere world wide with these people, they already had their illegal activities planned out throwing on all sorts of labels to try to keep me quiet. But not only this, working with the Police to try to leverage themselves into positions to rid me of the world using psychology as a weapon)

When calling up therapists to talk about things that bother you, or you life, they are not supposed to try to get information to use against you working with the police. That in itself is a crime of all crimes. How would people seek help, if they are going to be hunted for it. Also, I called them, and went to them voluntarily, showing that they are predators trying to rid people of the world. But this is much bigger then a single corrupt psychologist. It involves mass conspiracies with the police to actually create mental illness out of some kind of rage against me from when I was a young child

Also, it should be noted, that the family I come from all are doctors with secondary psychology degrees, except my mother who is an Art Therapist, and I can assure you, they do not use this knowledge and degrees to help people, they use it to rid people of the world who hurt their feelings in the most insignificant way. Example, a simple "Fuck You" might lead to 35 years of being stalked with mental illness tactics to rid me of the world with cover ups that I suffer from anger and rage, for one fight ever and a simple fuck you. The types of things people say and do every day of our lives that don't remotely matter normally

Also, realize that when you go see a Psychologist, or Psychiatrist it is confidential, and you are protected by privacy laws. In other words, The psychiatrist is not allowed to just fabricate clinical labels working with the LAPD to hunt you down. It remains in the office. The only thing they are allowed to report is if someone confesses that they are going to do something criminal. In other words, in all of these offices, Out context fragments were disseminated worldwide. And also to Lorena Escobar, my fathers office manager to use against me to try to rid me of the world.

Not only this, but the LAPD is working with them disseminated false fabricated labels to the world to have world wide support in ending my life. Which is beyond any level of illegal known to man. That defeats the entire purpose of going to Psychiatrists/Psychologists for help. That's like going to an Orthopedist, and he keeps slashing on you with a scalpel, saying that he wants to help you be healthy.

Those actions alone aren't from ignorant people, they are from people with Pre-Meditated actions, Motive, and Execution to end my life or rid me of the world. These crimes on historical levels that it is a mass worldwide conspiracy to end my existence, all against one person, and not even for any type of reason other then things like me saying "Fuck You" to my mother at 14 and things like this.

The concept of someone going to the psychology community, anywhere in the world, and them saying, I am not going to listen to a word you have to say, because you are crazy, before ever stepping in the door, and each and every one world wide, normally does not exist, because that would mean that they are not there to help people, or truth or honesty. They are just there to rid the world of those labeled with imperfection and put them in cages. My point is, that in my situation this isn't about weather I am crazy or not. Because if someone actually felt that I was crazy, these people would have taken over 1 second to listen to what was being said and the facts in all of the sessions. Also, looking at the undeniable proof and not making up lies nothing is there. Showing that, this is about their anger and rage, and guilt that I found out at 29, what they were sent after me to do which they need to cover up.

Also, my own mother, who I have caught in endless lies, some being several of her criminal accusations against me which she now pretends she never said, confessed to me that she and others were donating money to the psychology community behind my back. I cannot tell you if that is true or not. But I can however tell you that paying psychologists to follow people and stalk them and rid them of the world behind someones back is no different then paying people to kill people. They are both based on locking people away people don't like, or in my case trying to torture me to death, or get the reaction to lock me away. Both are based on destroying lives people just don't like.

It may be masked as, We want to help someone. It is not. Because people don't metal in peoples lives like that, then try to cover it up with endless criminal accusations or accusation with trumped up psychological labels against the target. Especially in secret to the public, and especially illegally disseminated worldwide. Known and Slander, Defamation, and in this case, also Criminal Defamation. The act to hurt, harm, mame, and kill, or rid of the world.

Keep in mind, each and every one knows of me, and they say they don't. That in itself says everything about the situation showing anger and rage directed at me. Normal sane people deal with issues directly, do not DEMAND confessions, and are interested in the entire story. And not an Agenda with Ulterior Motives.

I can assure you, these people don't believe in right or wrong, or mental health. They were approached by the police, and my family told every lie known to man, and they ILLEGALY acted on it, showing they have no morals and ethics. Committing every crime known to man and trying to cover it up by making up endless lies about me.
INSTANLTY when approached by the Police telling them to do this, they should have called Internal Affairs. They aren't who they say they are.  And should not be allowed to work in the psychology community.  They are a danger to their clients who try to get help, and they are predators.

Keep in mind, these tactics are also used with anyone in the Judicail System to stop me from getting help or the truth coming out light

To see some of the worldwide lawyers told to stop me from getting any help

Susan Donner (Psychiatrist)

21243 Ventura Blvd Ste 239

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Download Report Filed with the California Board of Psychology (http://www.psychology.ca.gov) - Psychology Complaint Form - Susan Donner.pdf

Krah Natalie MD
21201 Victory Blvd # 200,

Canoga Park, CA 91303\

Download Report Filed with the California Board of Psychology (http://www.psychology.ca.gov) - Psychology Complaint Form - Krah Natalie.pdf

Alex Lazar MD
16311 Ventura Blvd # 1050
Encino, CA 91436

Karine Echighian(M.S.)
20121 Ventura Blvd,
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Download Report Filed with the California Board of Psychology (http://www.psychology.ca.gov) - Psychology Complaint Form - Karine Echigian.pdf

Oscar Pakier PHD (Psychiatrist)
18226 Ventura Blvd # 210,
Tarzana, CA 91356

Download Report Filed with the California Board of Psychology (http://www.psychology.ca.gov) - Psychology Complaint Form - Pakier Oscar.pdf

Kathy Lyons (Psychiatrist) Corbin/Tarzana

Regina Whaley PHD (Psychologist)

Allyn Miller PHD(Psychologist lic MFC24277)

Beth Jakubanis (Psychologist)

Dana Desmond PHD (Psychiatrist)

Barbara Henry PHD (Psychologist Psy 11195)

Jaelline Jaffe - www.lemonaidcounseling.com
4910 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
License No. and State: MFC 7729 California

Kyle Bechaz MD
6345 Balboa Boulevard Suite 240
Encino, CA 91316

While after the 17 years of all day and night 24/7 worldwide attacks to set me up to lock me away, which really start at around 5 years old believe it or not to try to institutionalize me. At the age 46 they finally got fake fraudulent falsified convictions based on paid off prosecutors, Jury Tampered Jury's, Lawyers worldwide told to not help me claiming I have done SOMEHTING, but nothing specific wrong. Now, with this corrupt Deputy City Attorny Karine T Philips, working all sorts of crazy labels with my family, the LAPD and Government to cover up their crimes, now trying to get false psychological labels to pin on me so they can tell the world I am crazy to COVER UP their mass crime spree against me while trying to figure out how to Incarcerate me for life, which started at 5 years old for some strange reason, and them not wanting me to tell anyone that none of what the world has been told about me is true.

After this, finally getting me in a BLACKMAIL position to FORCE me to go to Therapy. But of course, all the Therapists WORLDWIDE know me. And don't want to be honest due to the fact they pinned aall these false clnical labels in the first place saying I am different, and their is no place for me in the world. Just like Adolf Hitler did.

So, just like my endless calls to Attorny;s refusing to be HONEST and help me. Here is aa list of some of the Psychologists working with the Police and Government to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society no matter what it takes and for not reason other then the "He's Different" Excuse. While trying to make me look like a Danger to myself or others.

After being let out of Maximum Security Prison after 11 days, in the hole for the first 6 days, and everything known to man going on with the Gang Members contacted by the Police seeding them lies, and having them work on me to try to silence me. When they let me out, My family, with my Attorney, wanted, once again to Emotionally Blackmail me to death or onto medication for doing absolutly nothing wrong. In order to change me into a mindless slave that does what I am told.

So on getting out for the remand, with a possible Appeal that was filed which is not in the Court Computer System. They have dangled the carrot that I could be back in jail for 120 days for these insignificant misdormeanors which aren't even true in fabricated police operations and endless setup and frame job operations my entire life.

The only person who was willing to see me, and Given to me was a PSYCHIATRIST to give me MEDICATION

Michael Blumenfield, M.D 12
5901 needa ave, Woodlnd hills Ca
Only interested in medication could not care much about talking Sharon Alonso
Person let's out air out of my valve stem to flatten my tire as I go out to drive to my first apointment, missing the apointment. Polie lie saying that 3 flat tires
on different cars in 1 month, and some involve slashings or poppings are not out of the norm, and I am delusional to cover up their operations

Interesting enough, he lives right where I grew up off Tiera St. Where they want some kind of Coerced False Confession, yet can't ask a stupid question about their insecurities. While I need to suffer because of my family and the PSCYHOLOGY COMMUNITIES psychological issues and obsession with me.

After this, I tell them, Medication is not the answer and talking about my life is the answer as they, like usual, go IRATE, becuse this is all about trying to IMMOBILIZE me to get the COVER UP labels they want to cover up their crimes. And not about discusing problems and issues like sane rational people do, showing they are part of a mass conspiracy and crime against me since 5 years old. Whiich such hate labels as Kevin is a Violent Paranoid Schizofrenic. But yet, like usual, I am not allowed to know WHY they are throwing such labels on me which then change from fictional crime after fictional crime. I am only told that I have to CONFESS to something, or shutup and take my meds and never have any friends, relationships, interactions with people, make money, or go places for the crime of being born, and my family not getting what they wanted.

So I take it upon my self to find someone else, and with my Lawyer Seymour Amsters Agreement that I should find someone suitable for me. But at this point, like usual, because they have ULTERIOR MOTIVES, and an AGENDA. They are all contacted WORLDWIDE, just like the Lawyers for Civil or Criminal to not help me to get what they want. And not provide me with any type of REAL HELP, even though the real issue isn't me, it is what they have done to my life, and are still doing. Hence why they don't want me talking.

To see some of the worldwide lawyers told to stop me from getting any help

The first Person I saw on my own was

Jaelline Jaffe, Ph.D.
 4910 Van Nuys Blvd Suite 301

Sherman Oaks, California 91403


Of course, like usual, she tells me she does not know me, to try to CONTROL the situation, and mass groups showing up on our visitations in public, in the waiting rooms with these mass mental illness attacks as she works every angle known to man. But is not cocerned with the TRUTH, or the mass crimes against me. Or seeing the PROOF of crimes like the rest to show I am perfectly sane, and a victim of a mass ongoing global crime with endless resources.

You can see here what our interactions were in these few sessions which were UNHEARD OF! nd after this every other person I have tried to contact me was told to figure out how to stop me from seeing any therapists

Jaelline J Jaffe (Psychologist - License No. and State: MFC 7729 California)


  • When comes into the waiting room says HEY checks out what chair I am sitting in, says will be back in 10 minutes, notifies someone to come in, and sit in same chair in pink shorts as I leave
  • When I first met her, had a Smirk on her face as if their 40 year murder operations is funny and trying to guild me about some of the lies they gave to the world about me. Then having a fat Barclays employee follow me to a coffee bean, wearing her Raven bay shirt with a smirk that afternoon and trying to make me look crazy after they hard years of mass mobbing’s done to me at Barclays Coffee to kill me and end my life for what I know working with a Black Employee associated with a Black Employee at my father’s office my father was paying to stalk me namd Brandon
  • Tried to trick me into signing a contract to lock me in for a year
  • Is in contact with person on the The Law calling me ending in :57 when the person on the board banned me for talking to lawyers to hint about what my father did with his 357
  • notified someone to come when our session ended and sit in same chair with pink pants
  • Lied she did not know who I am
  • Has a bunk vague contract she is trying to force me to sign, and doesn't want to sign the one that protects me
  • in contact with my mother getting air conditioner information
  • tried to manipulate me into locking me into a year of seeing her in a simple contract to tell my lawyer I am getting therapy
  • When she came to the door, saw where I was sitting. Said she'd be back in a few minutes. Then saw me. When I went out the door, in the waiting room was a man with pink shorts sitting in the same chair. As I left tons of people wearing pink in the local area and as I left the building
  • endlessly tried to get me to sign contracts to violate the HIPAA agreement so she could make up fabricated lies of mental illness labels to remove me from society with the judicial system for what I know
  • Says bye bye when I leave showing she is in contact with Detective Angela Stewart in repetition tactic
  • lied about a cheesy paper she wrote up saying it’s a HIPAA, and tried to lock me into a year with her at the top – Release of confidential information because she wanted contact with my attorney instead of simply writing a letter to give to him


  • was in contact with my mother asking about air conditioner I had not said anything about
  • lied said she did not know who I was
  • had all sorts of hints in her room directed at me which she says if from other people but there are tons of things with her name on it with her lemon slogan. “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade for her http://www.lemonaidcounseling.com/
  • called ending in :57 just like other person on thelaw.com banning me ending in :57
  • working with people following me to coffee bean afterword’s in different city
  • Is in contact with my mother talking about Air Conditioning, not from me, as the first thing she asks showing she is getting outside information and from my own mother. But won't ask questions in such a way that she's honest telling me she does not know who I am INTENTIONALLY trying to create paranoia and work with others behind my back showing she is not honest
  • Of course, lies that she does not know me
  • 7/17/2018
  • tells me that I in order to submit insurance claims that she has to put a diagnosis on them which I am pretty sure is a lie
  • Tells me my contract is too specific and shouldn't be. Which goes against protecting yourself with contracts
  • - tells me I smell working with my father, the police, and what was done to me in jail. With the continual lies every few minutes that I smell trying to make me take 100 showers. Then after I tell her I took a shower. She keeps telling me I didn't showing her true colors
  • Wants me to sign her vague contract saying release of confidential information at the top. But doesn't want to sign mine.
  • Stating the in order for her to talk with an attorney a contract must be signed
  • Also refuses to write a letter for me to give to my attorney saying I am seeing her. Saying she can be held accountable or something which seems strange
  • obviously lies that she does not know me
  • Girl in black and white on corner as I arrive. Man in black and white follows me into office for an appointment as well as I enter office
  • in contact with the judicial system - digging for information about them keep telling me I stink and trying to use it as leverage to control while trying to put me in the shower with the other white person to try to make it look like I'm gay or humiliate me


  • girl waiting for me in waiting room blue and white stripes
  • still working on odor tactic saying that is why this is happening
  • didn't want to see video of dog attacker
  • asked me what I was going to do like person who said he was going to choke me out
  • had lady sitting on bench when I left with cat clothing, then left then black lady helping her told me there is an odor on my pits


  • Sent her an email of my life being threatened showing that my life is in danger. She was only concerned with blackmailing me into some unneeded contract with my address on it because she wants to figure out ways to release private information so she can make up lies about my sanity. Showing that the person I have paid to help me. Is only concerned with ending my existence. Even when there is proof my life is at stake, she does not care.


  • Lied about contract stating it is an official contract which was a simple contract
  • Says the contract is an official HIPAA contact also stating that you are supposed to put your address on the contract
  • has person waiting for me in waiting room wearing purple shirt, black pants, also one follows me to my car wearing same colors
  • has person waiting for me in waiting room wearing purple shirt, black pants, also one follows me to my car wearing same colors
  • has endlessly lied to me and did whatever it took to try to get fabricated false psychology labels so they can cover up these mass 40 year crimes against me

After this, trying to simply hire a new Therapist, you can see, not only the amount contacted refusing to help me. But the terror tactics as well to try to create mental illness, get reactions, make me look crazy to silence me me. Just like in 2011, when I wanted to hire someone to unload my life, and over 30 of them did what it took to silence me as well as Karine Echigian working with the Police on illegal arrests, frame jobs, assualt and batteries, you name it becaue they don't want anything about what the PSYCHOLOGY COMMUNITY has done to my life since 5 years old.

Most told to say "Bye Bye" when hanging up or leaving. This all Starts with Me calling Detective Angela Stewart for help, on me being attacked, and her wanting to cover up the person they sent after me to attack me. One of many. By her saying "Bye Bye" and trying to make it look like I am crazy.

A lot of them saying "Reaching Out" a term now used in many movies but all taken from an old twitter and facebook post of mine of a joke of me reaching out with a wide angle lens, and saying "Take me hand" Thus incorporated in Media, and Worldwide. To try to make me look crazy by not being honest about what they are doing. Hence the Pschology Community saying it over and over to try to make me crazy and get reactions to use against me. Hence why it goes from one person to the next, and not pople just randomely saying it. Especially with groups of these Psychologists ramping it up.

Most are told to give packaged responses that they don't feel they can help me, so they don't want to see me. One sequentially after the next. These aren't brain surgeons. These are simple Therapists who went to college took some psychology classed and maybe got a Masters Degree and are simply paid to listen to people to talk about their problems. Refsuing to let me talk about my life and blowing me off before ever even going through tons of therapy to make a decision weather or not they can help me. If you want to understand the type of JUDGEMENTAL people we are talking about.

A large majority did not even get back to me because they don't want to be involved. Makes sense

Then finally, the COUNSOLTATION scam. While usually one goes and decides who is good for them. In my case, each and cvery one pretends that they are not capable of letting me sit in a room once a week and listen to me unload my horrific life. They play this game like this is Brain Surgery, and they are not capable of helping me. But yet their is no CURE for being hunted by mass groups for extermination with Psychological Terror tactics to end someone's life. Their is only ADDRESSING THE ISSUES! The Truth! But like I said before, they don't want the truth coming to light because they want to cover up one of the largest crimes against one person in the history of humanity. Hence, all of them say they are not capable of helping me. Trying to force me on medication instead of leaving me alone to live whats left of my life, which is not much. While not wanting me to ever tell anyone about my life with the Police and Government in basically what Adolf Hitler did to the Jews, except in this case, it is WORLDWIDE and Against one man.

They all seem to want direct answers which are confessons, but they don't actually want to do therapy to get to the bottom of things. Based on the Dynamics of my family, or situations

Keep in mind, each and every one knows of me, and they say they don't. That in itself says everything about the situation showing anger and rage directed at me

8/28/2018 - Initial Visit with Jenny Bowen Sorey

Tried to slip in some snake oil salesman contract of things I've never seen before and no one would ever tell you to sign something like this when the entire idea is to protect the client with confidentiality agreements. Not sign away your protections to create a safe environment to get healthy. Showing that most likely, like usual, they want ANYTHING they can use or twist and contort to rid me of the world,

Download full contract 

LEE, ALISON J, PHD Psychologist Suite 140
Agoura Hills, California 91301
(424) 488-7379
No openings

GERSHELIS, ANNA, PHD 1314 Westwood Blvd, Ste 201,
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Left message
Theresa, van nuys valencia
No openings

Sharon Alonso Riverside Drive
Sherman Oaks, California 91423


Rachel Cole 4156 Magnolia Blvd
Suite 105
Sherman Oaks, California 91423

(310) 737-8643


Yana kaminsky Sherman Oaks, California 91403
(818) 423-5407


Quitting the Reaching out message to me from my art

"Reaching out"

"Reaching out"

Linda k Laffey 5743 Corsa Avenue, Suite 103,
Westlake Village, CA 91362
(805) 375-5860


“Bye Bye”

Lori Freson

15300 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 410
Sherman Oaks, California 91403


Gone until july 5th

“Reaching out”,

“bye bye"

Texted me - July 5th is I want

Leigh lustig

12522 Moorpark Street
Suite 108
Studio City, California91604


No return

Joanne Barron, PsyD 4419 Van Nuys Blvd. #206
Sherman Oaks, California 91403


Showed true colors towards the end

220 private pay
Aug 9th
3:00 pm
“Bye Bye”

Set up an appointment for the 9th then canceled trying to send me to a check in facility pretending it's a referral

Shannon kalberg
Santa Monica, California 90405


Sent email

Silva Depanian
6311 Romaine St.
Suite 7329
West Hollywood, California 90038


Sent message, she asked how she could help, I told her to talk and vent. She did not get back to me

Christina Decoux
3611 Seneca Ave
Los Angeles, California90039


Sent Email

Message to me “bye bye”

Sharon Rubinstein
4620A Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, California90027


Didn’t' want me coming out to LA for some stranger reason trying to manipulate the situation. As if a shrink could care less. She asked me why don't I remove myself with the situation, then trying to FORCE me back to the old shrink showing the answer is the same as it's always been

Julie Gustafson
Echo Health Group, LLC
1910 W Sunset Blvd
Suite 440
Los Angeles, California 90026
(424) 363-8760


After speaking with Sharon, Working with the police, saying Man, calling at 4:40. Once she saw that I could see through her lies, tried to take charge and make me look crazy. Saying she could not treat me. While trying to manipulate me into calling me father who had texted me earlier right after his accountant called me asking for old passwords I would not have years later. She was also contacted by the police told not to help me

Kimberly Clapp
3301 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, California 90405


Said not a psychiatrist in her texts, and I said I needed someone that wanted to work for a living and let me talk about my life and didn't need a psychiatrist, then weaseled out with other excuses

Gretchen Fubacky
2001 South Barrington Avenue
Suite 121
Los Angeles, California90025


Returned call – I never got back to her, wrong area

Manya Khoddami
16055 Ventura Blvd. suite 1010 Encino
Encino, California91436


Never got back to me

Nadia Akhtar
18344 Clark St.
Los Angeles, California90027


Reisha Forshpan
4444 Riverside Drive
Suite 305
Burbank, California 91505



Alison Joy Shlomi
439 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90004
(508) 315-6852


Sent mail
Spoke on phone, said she was preganant, probably not. Was questioning if I lived out in Los Angeles showing that she has been notified to stop me from leaving my area. Said would refer to my email

Liana Georgoulis


Coast Psychological Services
444 N Larchmont Blvd
Suite 109
Los Angeles, California 90004
(310) 421-4513

Perri Sun
321 N Larchmont Blvd
Suite 622
Los Angeles, California 90004
(323) 615-2896


Sent mail
Left phone message
She called back told me no times available, said "Bye Bye"

Carri Brown Therapy
Los Angeles, California 90004
(323) 629-4443


Sent mail
Left phone message

Erin C Mason
439 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90004
(818) 963-9434


Sent mail
Left phone message
Called back, said “bye bye”

Rachel e Hale
584 1/2 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90004
(424) 342-7103


Sara Fraser
628 N Vermont Ave
Suite 10
Los Angeles, California 90004
(323) 287-5846


Carol Silbergeld
2730 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 250
Santa Monica, California 90403


Sent email
Left phone message
Called back
After talking on phone, she was overwhelmed didn't want to see me

Judy Zexter
171 Pier Ave. #260
Santa Monica, California90405


Sent email

Heather Brewer
2665 30th St
Ste 217
Santa Monica, California 90405


Sent email
Left Phone message
Returned email, said no room to see her could refer me to someone

Faith Szalay
28720 Canwood Street #204
Agoura Hills, California 91301


Sent email
Left phone message
Has “bye bye” on her answering machine
Asked why I wanted to see her, then told me didn’t have any openings


Mara Thorsen
10436 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90025
Sent email

Rebecca Neubauer
1460 7th Street
Suite 206
Santa Monica, California 90401
Sent email
Says wants to schedule an counseltationto see if were a fit

Layla jillood
3201 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 201
Santa Monica, California 90403
Sent email

Leah barison
1150 Yale Street
Suite 3
Santa Monica, California 90403
Sent email
Replied for 30 min consultation

Michelle King
12304 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90025
Sent email
She called on phone, said Bye Bye

Angel Faith
Venice, California 90291
Sent email
Says is busy but asks me for time and what I'm looking for


Marjan Bakhtiyari
11911 San Vicente Blvd.#280
Los Angeles, California 90049
Sent email
She Returned email about appointment
I replied - have not heard back
Returned emails with cryptic spaces in them

Erika Bischoff
Los Angeles, California 90049
Sent email

Shirin Tabib
11633 San Vicente Boulevard
Suit 318A
Los Angeles, California 90049
Sent email
Sent email reply

Chelsea Gottfurcht
11980 San Vicente Blvd.
Suite 712
Los Angeles, California 90049
Sent email
Returned email
She Returned email about appointment
I replied - have not heard back
Playing games that she didn't get the right phone number
Called at 11:20
I returned call

Joanne Barge
11980 San Vicente Blvd.
Suite 810
Los Angeles, California 90049
Sent email
Returned my call
Joane barge

Danielle Jagoda
12304 Santa Monica Boulevard.
Suite 215
Los Angeles, California 90025
Sent email

Regina Cavanagh
1460 7th street
suite 201
Venice, California 90291

Jeanette Raymond
11911 San Vicente Blvd
Suite 240
Los Angeles, California 90049
Sent Email
She returned call


Kendra Delahooke
11340 West Olympic Boulevard, Suite 210
Los Angeles, California 90064
Sent Email

Karen Bernardes
8235 Santa Monica Blvd
Ste 311
West Hollywood, California 90046
Sent Email

Elizabeth Russell
8235 Santa Monica Blvd
Suite 303
West Hollywood, California 90046
Sent Email
Returned email with patterns of 3's and times ending in 30 ll of them

Rachel Spencer
8235 Santa Monica Boulevard
Penthouse Suite
West Hollywood, California 90046
Sent Email

Jennifer Oeding
8560 W Sunset Blvd
Suite 500
West Hollywood, California 90069
Sent Email

Gila Shapiro
554 S San Vicente Blvd
Suite 110
West Hollywood, California 90069
Sent Email

Jane Maki
6906 Pacific View Drive
Los Angeles, California 90068
Called me
Said “bye bye”
I returned call

- Had one appointment with her
- Not only did she lie that she did not know me
- Kept calling me “Man” which has been done to me over and over from person to person in the last few months
- Told me it is childish to be direct with people and I need to lead in holding back and it’s childish to let people I know I know what is going on. Which is really about Control and not wanting anything honest and truthful coming to light
- Had an appointment with her. She pretended she didn’t know me and tried to give me disinformation that it’s childish to be direct and let people I know what is going on so that I can be controlled

Stephanie Groom
11712 Moorpark Street
Suite 210
Studio City, California 91604
Sent Email
She returned calls but schedule is filled up

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