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Sent to prison for creating art and talking about what I know which leads to something much bigger

How could something like this happen?: Because my family for some reason told the government that I am a violent paranoid schizophrenic around 5 years old which seems to stem from their anger towards me. This is punishment for speaking out after they destroyed my name and life worldwide

The equivalent of a 40 year global Mental Level Rodeny Kinging for no reason

Constitutional Rights: Removed at 5 years old using loopholes in our system like FISA/Patriot Act Edward Snowden came forward about
1st Amendment: Freedom of Speech for speak out
2nd Amendment:Right to bare arms - hunting me for 20 years after Victoria Walker was told to give me a toy gun for my 30th Birthday that was in my house
3rd Amendment: The right to privacy on all levels. Cell phone tracking, Phone tapping, Internet privacy violations, Webcam hijackings since 1994, Data-Minings, and out of context dissemination to use against me to the public
4th Amendment: Excessive force in creative use of neighborhood stalking operations they call watch groups, and tools built on the Internet with NSA/FBI around me for psychological terror/setup attempts/frame jobs
Many others supported by the world based on worldwide propaganda and disinformation from authority figures to make people think what they are told is true

And of course, since no one wants to come forward or be honest, we could possibly see about the
8th Amendment: Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I've also not been allowed to prepare for the case with the Lawyer, nor does the lawyer seem to want the opposing arguments to the specific witnesses and situations which is being rushed through the system. My lawyer has not asked any specifics about any of these events
with the witnesses for cross examination. Saying that is not the way he works. Not one aspect of preparation with me and the information I know. Especially on video.This has also happened with each and every single one I have called making sure I do not have any type of defense to their crimes. Which has been the case on any level since 5 years old.
Corrupt Sentencing from these corrupt Judicial Operations is still going on at Van Nuys Court House June 5  8:30am for those interested, Especially reporters who want the truth! Even though it is a Kangaroo Court with the deck stacked against me with liars and purgerers trying to take things out of context.
Van Nuys Court House, Room 113, 8:30 am. They convicted me on all counts with a tampered jury instantly in less then 40 minutes not based on anything but an AGENDA

Government Cover Up Operations to drag my name through the mud to attack my credibility because they don't want me talking or anyone sued for DAMAGES TO MY LIFE

Every illegal activity known to man in that courtroom alone with all the Sherieff's whistling at me hinting that I am a whistle blower. Every Lawyer on my case, or everyone elses taking part in harassments trying to trigger me by mimcking fragments of my sentences, whistling, people coming in trying to bait me sitting by me, Bailiff's working with the Jury for Jury Tampering, Bailiff's and Clerks having people follow me from place to place while not in the court room. And an entire Jury who knew of me, and the situation, pretending they didn't know me. Which a fair verdict could never be made in the first place with worldwide defamation adn people lying saying they don't know me while told every lie known to man about me on Government based Internet Terror a defamation systems built around me since 1994. In otherwords, it was a KANGERO COURT to begin with to get the convictions they have been trying to get on me since I found out what was going on because they don't want me talking.

Mike Huntley when I was 29 "We are using the system against you"
Seymour Amseter (My Lawyer) "They Just want one conviction", "They want to Incarcerate you for life"

These falsified convictions are actually things that have been done to me endlessly, over and over for my entire life to turn it around on me because they don't want me talking

They Sent me to (IRC) Los Angels, Then to Pitchess Detention Center (Wayside), Valencia. North (Maximum Security Prison)
Inmate Number: 5307978

Already sentenced and went to jail for now reason now they are trying to sentence me again. Remember. The punishment must fit the crime. Even if I really were guilty of anything, no one has even come close to getting hurt. No fines imposed.From a court who told me "We just want one conviction", meaning they do not care about right or wrong. They just want what they want.

Download larger Readable Version

And I can't fund much public Record of me being an inmate other then then at Van Nuys when pulled out of the court room on sentencing showing that all the things being done to me are off the record.

Remember, these are all Misdemeanors: Even if true, no one even got hurt. And they are resentenching me a second time based on the court Summary Information which shows I didn't go to jail, even though I did.

1 Day

Pitchess (Wayside) The Hole (Maximum Security - Solitary confinement - 2 people rooms, out for 15 minutes a day for a shower and phone call
Cell Block 928 - Room 13 - 2 days
Cell Block 928 - Room 9 - 1 day
Cell Block 922 - Room 9 - 3 days

Dorm 629 - 3 Days - With continual thugging terror tactics related to my fathers officer and his employees trying to put me in the ground with Lorena Escobar and Elsie Sandoval, and many others to keep me quiet. Even with them letting me know it's from Elsie with their art
Dorm 612 - 1 day - After going to Van Nuys court getting bailed out, the clerks MAGICALLY lost the paperwork and put me back in within minutes of being paid to get me back in jail despite bail being paid after sentenced
Moved to South side for 1 day

While using the term "Gang Stalking" Against me notifying Gangs worldwide I am somehow doing something to them or wrong Here for details

Also, on my Apeal Bail release, right after the Bail was paid in full upstairs in the Van Nuys Courthouse, they sent me back to Pitchess-Wayside, INTENTIONALLY loosing the paperwork because I had Acute Bronchitus I got in a solitary confinement cell with someone which I was coughing contiinually non stop for 4 weeks because they didn't want any record of this, and someone in the infermery with a guest pass at wayside saying it was a minor cold. So instantly an hour after release, I went to doctors to get checked out showing that not only was their self mutilations which was supposedly on the sentencing and court papers according to the Shieriff, Which was strange the Judge instantly threw me in jail instead of normal procedures, as well as what went on. Showing that I was perfectly fine going in.
Download: 6_2_2018 - 1:00 am - St Vincents - Los Angels - Medical Report One Hour After Prison Release - Eye infection - Acute Bronchitus
Download: 6_2_2018 - Warner Plaza Urgent Care Report - No Self Mutilations

Blogs Related to this illegal case
Cops Endlessly Called on me for going to the park to talk walks in between their 15 years of mass attacks to me for leaving my house

Officer Sean Dinse, illegal personal vendetta with Officer Jensen back in 2013, Mike Huntley showing his true colors 17 years ago working with NSA/FBI to rid me of the world since 5 on these cover up arrests

While I have not had any time with these endless worldwide attacks to eradicate me of the mass thuggings and terror/torture operations with everyone in the judicial System, and Worldwide groups. I will just post my notes which might or might not make sense without me expanding on the data. Hopefully some day I will be have time to expand on the specifics and elaborate on them to try to torture me quiet and end my life on some level.

Steve Freeman - Fraud Attorney sent after me by Arnold Silber working cover up operations


- Police with my family seem beyond any level of Defense about. So mu ch that they want me dead and gone

- Jason has a 323 Mazda which he puts a license plate frame - "I swerve and hit people at random"

- leaves to college and does not take the car and gets a black 4 runner

- why did my family not sell the car

- I take out the car on the family insurance police and someone is waiting for me on the right side shoulder by the Honda Dealer, and launches their car perpendicular in front of mine

- after they cause an accident get out screaaming "HE TRIED TO KILL ME"

- while this situation is beyond odd, what makes it odder is the inurance company calls me saying it was 50/50

- while i explained that it could not be 50/50 fault when you are driving straight, and someone parked on a curb throws their car in front of you

- hunted for the rest of my life with Rodie Morals over this and the only thing they care about is that I drove my brothers car which no one could care less about, on a family insurance policy

- opening up the obvious that before that, someone on a Honda motorcycle slid it in the rain on my way to high school. Also claiming I rammed them. COnnecting to this event. And also at the Street races a a man also waiting for me on the side, throwing his car at me.

- also done later on in life at the paruvian restuarant

- and officer Sean Dinse with stalking groups with clams of bad driving to cover up these operations


- as well as my family locking me in prison with steve freemman, who pretending to be a crininal defense attorney. and more frame jobs operations with restuarant employees, that looked like Kacey the stripper and hinting messages about dogs which Steve was working with the prosecutor making up lies that I am a parnoid schizo











7/17/2018 - hendershot didn't want to write a report - saying there was already a detective that knew about prior incidences, and that more paper on her desk could upset her




Seymour Court Date

·         Court accepted his representation

·         July 18th - said a city attorney came in for prop 63 - saying I don't own a gun for aug 6th?

·         Prop 63 talks about stolen guns and large ammunition/ Victoria also talking about lots of guns and things like this. Mentions for probation

·         Once again, seems to link to my father and his gun tactics to try to either get in my house, or try to remove me from society

·         My father possibly making up lies that I stole his gun, since he sent paul Humphry after me with all sorts of gun tactics, eric christianson,

·         Accepted his representation?



Trial notes



·         When needing to file restraining orders against others working with these people like Greg Koenig, Victoria Walker, and Dog attacker. First Seymour asked if I wanted his help. Then got mad at me for wanting to protect myself from them. Trying to make me think I was doing something wrong by protecting myself from these stalkers and attackers.


·         After this, no lawyer would represent me in a simple restraining order which they would help any other person worldwide showing this is about extermination of his kind


·         Pre trial lasted about 5 months, and instantly the trial was days or the next week. There was never any time to prepare for trial. Never any time to prepare a defense. No time to get police abuse involved. No time to prepare a defense on their discover or what they were going to being in. No questions by my lawyer asked about the witnesses brought on the stand for cross examination. Absolutely nothing so that I would be buried


·         Steve Freman seems to be upset that I know about the 16 year old person told to launch their vehicle at me, then get out yelling I tried to kill them. As the insurance company called involved in illegal operations trying to say it's 50/50


·         Seymour before I took the stand asked me what I was going to say and changed his questioning - Originally he was going to ask me what happened on the day. Then he controlled the questions asking me what happened as I walkout out of my house so I could not talk about valley motor center 2 days before. When he realized I was going to talk about the entire situation because he didn't want the truth coming out

·         Judge Eric Harmon Racist, didn't like the Person witness I said I liked because she was well grounded and rational and got mad about that


·         Seymour wants to meet at the mariott with the Chess Board picture like the other lawyer with the chess set and questions. Because they are mad about a harmless piece of art, like all my other harmless art which doesn't make any sense covering up the things like me speaking out about me be hunted for creating art

·         Prosecutor was a pathological liar collecting things from my past done to me, then telling the jury I did it to them

·         Prosecutor was allowed to do miltiple closing arguments based on weather they could keep me quiet about myfather

·         Had hard drive full of crimes against me was not interested in stopping the actual crimes just locking me away for exposing the mass crime spree showing involvemnt

·         Prosecutor was not basing any of her statements on proof, but hearsay

·         When showed Baily's damage, was a tiny little scuff on his knee, and that was it, yet I had scabs and cuts all over

·         Seymour wasn't showing my eidence to the jury yet the prosecutor was. Then seymour told me that he would show them at closing argument which he did not

·         Seymours opening and closing argument was that I was weird and crazy, yet he refused to address the truth or even allow me to talk about my life showing them the truth

·         Basically Seymour wanted me to take the stand saying that the proof I had was inadmissible as evidence, but once I took the stand I was not allowed to talk about anything that mattered or for my defense

·         After Seymour tells me that the court wants to Incarcerate me for life based on some misdormeanors. He is not willing to discuss it. Even after seeing my endless proof of what is going on, even on the charges or the bigger picture at any point Is he on my side or think that the court saying this is strange

·         rigged trial - 3 closing statements

·         Judge with all the people in the courtroom, lawyers, bailiff keep provoking me to set me up with my lawyer claiming it is ok to take turns on someone to prove they are crazy. Casting all the stones and showing the crimes

·         bailiff giving cards to jurors

·         seymour bye bye

·         filing appeal before sentenced and then being resentenced

·         Seymour incarcerated for life

·         Seymour hints he doesn't like me and I'm a bully

·         Seymour they just want one conviction

·         hints I'm a bully

·         Hints wayfair/wayside seymour kept saying "Fair Enough" over and over. Then everyone in jail said I was being transferred to Wayfair, which was really wayside

·         Seymour Don't engage scam, telling me I have to just take being attacked endlessly until I am dead, not even saying a word

·         Jury Tampering 113 bailiff working with 2 ppl to get cards to jurors at same time telling judge

·         Clerk having ppl follow me to restaurant in courtroom

·         Court Reporter in 101 share wall of property

·         Judge doesn't do jury sequester correctly. Instead of doing each and every juror, he asked entire groups which took less then one hour. Saying it was a new way of doing jury sequesters. I believe the day before he said it would take 10 minutes a juror.

·         Judge 2nd closing arguments for prosecutor and cuts off my attorneys ending when I tell my attorney my father will never make me feel like I did something wrong as he tells judge

·         My attorney tries to make me look crazy and talk about freedom of speech when he should be talking about self defense

·         Seymour hinted I was somehow a bully as to why they were hunting me for extermination and stealing my money aat the same time

·         Seymour having a fake client after me so he doesn't need to talk to me about things after we are in court each time and runs to him saying he can't talk. Then having him follow me

·         Seymour making it so there is no time to prepare for trial

·         Seymour refusing to bring in anything that matters in my defense

·         Dinse parking ticket 1.5 inches in red after he takes the stand

·         Scroggins bullying, not in fear of his life. The endless times he runs up to me before and after he calls the police working same angles

·         Seymour didn't Show the jurors the evidence, photos, like the prosecution was

·         Talking to me about the situations or specifics, or asking me questions to show that they were pursuing me before and after or things that would prove the prosecution was lying or to make them look bad

·         Refusing to bring in any circumstantial to show I am not crazy and this is self defense. Example what my life was up until 29, who I worked for, how I grew up, what happened at 29, showing I am not a crazy person

·         Refusing to bring in anything to show the mass bullying and stalkings in mass groups

·         Refusing to bring in credibility of the police officer, his facebook accounts, his stalking groups, his personal vendetta for 6 years linked to jensen and dinse after IA calls, and same things done to me

·         Endless videos of I have things like police threats

·         Endless videos of photos I have of the mass mobbings

·         Dinse and Jensens arrests in 2013, showing it was personal especially with IA called

·         Things like what is on Dinse's facebook, the things he is doing and how he talks about people with mental illness can be problems in society showing he is jaded and has motive

·         How Dinse's Facebook account endangers lives and he is trying to get famous of ridding people of the world he doesn't like


·         Seymour Was focusing on case study things that don't matter like putting hand bills on cars

·         Is friends with the prosecution laughing with her like one little corrupt family and does not care about law and order or the judicial system. Just how much he can make. , and seems to be friends with the judge

·         After lunch with Steve Freeman, Seymour, Judge, and prosecutor went ballistic when he said something to someone

·         Prosecutor lying about everything

·         Refusing to ask the judge to let me read my own closing argument

·         after showing them video of dog attackers and police threats seymour turns it around on me

·         seymour and prosecutor both say I am forcing cards on people. don't care about video showing setup attempts or can explain to me how I've done this

·         after each court hearing seymour would walk away. say he ha to go would not explain a thing

·         only time Steve requested mistrial after steve freeman said something on the prosecutors 2nd closing argument with steve around

·         my lawyer uses info against me to judge

·         seymour told me they were going to incarcerate me.for.life if I engaged on any level. and refused to explain this especially with misdemeanors

·         if I simply hand someone a card like at the dry cleaners seymour would hint about it then give me the wrong things to say on the stand. example when asked what I meant to scroggins, if you don't let me take a walk I will cut you down. he said I should say "I will push him down" and wanted me to talk like a lawyer in front of jury and not like an honest person to try to make it look like I was trying to get away with things

·         seymour told the law prohibits ppl from ever defending themselves with self-defense in California so he could try to make me look crazy

·         seymour also told me the judge and prosecutor will stop me from saying anything to the jury and they can convict me

·         seymour really didn't ask me much and stopped the big picture from coming out on all examinations

·         example. didn't want the jury to know that I was warned 2 days before by brian ushar at valley motor center about dinses facebook and stalking campaign

·         in discovery dinse states he has a 6 years  illegal neighborhood watch group on me unconstitutional. my lawyer is not concerned about the corruption and proof of it

·         they are not concerned about these mass psychological terror mobbings and say they are not crimes to me yet they admit they are on cbs nbc

·         ppl coming into courtroom working on me with lawyers. even judge with these mental illness tactics

·         scroggons working with therapist karine echigian and officer sean dinsein frame jobs 2013 similar types of operations which I notice since 29 going on

·         Toy Gun was never provided in discovery

·         Seymour never asked one question about the gun. If it was real or anything like this

·         I was never asked by my lawyer any questions about anything to prepare for trial

·         Their was no preparation for trial. Once they decided to go to trial, it was the next day. When usually you have time to prepare and go over things with the client

·         Picture of the security camera on my property from prosecution showing they don't want me to defend myself any way shape or form


·         Judge said he was going to remand me for 5 days in prison

·         At this point asked if I wanted to be sentenced where I gave the wrong answer and the judge sentenced me for 90/120 days where I was out on appeal

·         But first off, why was the appeal filed before the case even went to trial. Also why is the appeal never make it on the court systems records


·         Scroggins on the stand testifies that Sean Dinse contacted him before he ever called the police

·         Scroggins testifies that he is in anager manaagement

·         Scroggins testifies that he says the city is his, and in order to keep the city clean, he is allowed to take the law in his own hands

·         Baily flat out says he followed me from the park before the event

·         Baily states followed me home from park

·         Bail snickering like it's a joke on the stand

·         Tried to get me to act like a lawyer and say calculated things to make me look guilty. Of course left out anything important that could help me. Show I was being hunted by the police or showed that this is all about selfdefense to intentionally get convictions working to exterminate me for some reason. All the lawyers worldwide were told to do the same thing to dirty up my name and stop the truth from coming out


My family, the Police, all the Lawyers worldwide were trying to manipulate me into a position where I had no choice to take the 5th on the stand. While any sane rational Lawyer would tell you that I should have taken the 5th in this case, instead of lying saying that the only way for me to defend myself would be to take the stand. The reason for this was for all the Police and Lawyers with my family to try to make me look crazy

·         At no point did Seymour tell me I should take the 5th. Especially with a strong case against Terrance and Baily. Terrence stating he is in Anger Management, and Baily snickering and even saying he followed me from where he lives

·         The reasoning they wanted me to take the 5th was to make me look like a liar who chooses to say nothing like some kind of mobster. And in this case, the judge Eric Harmon was planning to remand me for 5 days because I would have taken the 5th as punishment trying to send me messages about my life, childhood and family trying to make it look like I am the bad seed.

·         While this did not work, he reminded me for 5 days, which turned into 11 days, and a 3 month sentence despite the fact, even though their grand scheme back fired on them like usual. Thinking I am who they profiled me to be. Even though they have failed consistently for 40 years in proving what they wanted to prove. While my punishments for being a good descent honest person are probably not done, or ever will be because they don't want the truth about their horrific unspeakable crimes against me coming to light and they need them covered up like usual











excessive punishment Wayside

North Facility


From <http://www.vincentoliverlaw.com/wayside-jail-los-angeles.html>


Inmate 5307978 7571



broad overiew

-arested at sentencing

-moved central irc 2 days

·         moved to wayside/wayfair after

·         6 days in hole

·         2 days latin room 13  block 928 - Room 13

·         3 days josh/jr  block 922 - Room 9

·         1 day hole person with flu looks like my judge block 928 - Room 9

·         hole 928 922

·         dorms 629/612

·         south 31 13

·         officer jordan s. Rondone, officer Bunch

·         bossco

·         didn't want to give me razors good.medical attention

·         clerks loosing paperwork for bail sending me to back to wayside

·         spaced bunks moved

·         wesley




Verdict day

·         Judge gives prosecution 2nd closing argument after my defense attorney and she lies though her teeth

·         At lunch tell steve what is going on, when we get back says something to someone. Lunch consisted of a Kacey Stripper lookalike girl trying to provoke me, and saying her dog is a black lab like Shelly Humphry's dog named Kacey

·         Judge, Seymour, and Prosecutor are irate for some reason, maybe because they have been exposed and want to get rid of me as fast as possible

·         Tampered jury gives instant guilty on all charge verdict

·         While being sentenced judge of course adds 2 more restraining orders on ppl I never even talked to as well as terrance and bailey for 3 years, and 3 years probation hinting about 3's

·         Also, even though the judge knows I am not a danger to anyone, decides to lock me away instantly because he doesn't want me talking about something.

·         The sentence sheet, which was taken away from me which says the 120 days in jail, according to sherieff says that I tried to cut myself in court room. Although I do not have this paperwork. Seems to be missing

·         They book me for 9 days in Van Nuys 5037978, but then take me down to IRC and then Wayside maximum security prison on misdemeanor charges which is pretty strange. Since no one came close to really getting hurt but me. Even in worse case scenario if I was even really guilty.


 Sentencing to jail

·         Steve 2951515

·         Sheriff pretended he was friendly and took my cuffs off as if they were doing something for me.

·         Bused down to Central LA, IRC to hint about all the people they sent after me on IRC trying to guilt me and turn things around on me, sending me hidden messages about IRC

·         I believe I was put on the 5000 block

·         Person in cell called himself Seymour seemed to be watching me, and saying he was a drug dealer. First was aggressive then didn't want to talk. 4tay,

·         Spent about 2 days in IRC cell of 10 people. One called himself Seymour like my attorney who kept saying "Fair Enough" over and over. A white person pretending to be crazy religious person basically mad at me for talking threatening my life

·         Trustee friend with him who had similarities to Eric Humphry's and mead keeping my pin from me, until they staged a threatening situation with a bag and pencil and person sitting behind me.

·         They kept telling me they were going to move me to Wayfair over and over. Which was really called WaySide Pitchess showing that they are all in on it

·         As I am being moved to Wayside, they ask me what my nationality is, and I say white. So they put me in with the latins

·         Some of the Latins are mad at me mentioning GangStalking, yet don't admit they know me. I tell them that it is not literal, and has nothing to do with Gangs. Showing that the Police are notifying Gangs and giving them disinformation for me speaking out to put me in the ground. When I explain, he says "Ass" one of their weird things they say or do to me for some reason

·         After we get to Wayside, we are taken to dorm 715 As entering the dorm, a rep asks me what nationality I am, as I have no clue of jail politics, which I am still not sure what they are and who is being honest

·         They ask me Wood, Latin, Black and tell me that I have to choose one and have to be segregated. Not allowed to talk to other races or anything else and it seems like disinformation. Especially with whites called wood, and complete segregation. I tell them that I cannot make a moral decision like this, I do not believe in trying to be better then others and controlling them. They tell me to go to the Officer in the Island

·         I tell them that I do not know how to make a decision like this, I am white, and I cannot choose one over the other, and they can do what they want with me

·         She puts me in the waiting room as I fall asleep for a long time. Maybe 5 hours

·         At this point I buzz them joking around asking if they are going to bring me a bed and computer, she asks me how I got there, and I explained

·         Eventually some police officers come asking me questions and I explain. Some ask me if this is my first time, or why I didn't choose a side. Or didn't believe me

·         One said, We will put you in at night. I think referring to the movie Escape from New York

·         After this Officer Jordan Comes in and hand cuffs me, and then puts me next to the elevator as a female officer goes in to see if I had self control with my dick

·         He then puts me back in the waiting room and says to wait some more in hopes he could get me to masturbate with their Kevin has no self control tactic

·         Officer Jordan Comes back and hands me a piece of paper stating the, I had disobeyed an officer, and they take me up to 900 black, maximum security, isolation, which they call the hole. While this paper is unsigned by me or anyone else, the name on the complaint is S Rondone = S(snake) Ron Done to send me hidden messages about my father or maybe Escape from New York as well

·         They take me up to Block 928, cell 13, which they keep hinting about 13. The judges court 113, the cell 13. And in it, a hispanic who knows me and has been given all sorts of information who calls himself HAPPY. Which he is referring to Adultcon a week before and the Happyface pasties on the Japanese porn star and the man with the Happyfaces shirt leaving. As well as me telling my father and Lorena I was happy at 29 before knowing what they were doing

·         Happy is Latin, and his paperwork wasn't signed and was in the hole with some friends probably from a dorm

·         I was in cell 13 for about 1 day with Happy as he was getting angrier and angrier, and in the end kept wanting his store his friends had over and over with huge anxiety as he was showing anger pushing the button every few minutes asking the security guards to get him the bag as if he had a shank or something in it.

·         At this point they moved him, and I was in 13 for another 2 days by myself

·         At this point, They said they wanted to make room, and move me into cell 9 in block 928 and first asked me if I would move for them and when I said I'd rather stay they said I needed to move.

·         Also, cell 13 had a camera right up in my face

·         So I move to cell 9 and oddly enough a man who looked like my judge Eric Harmon middle age, Grey sides, greyish to black top, and glasses was asleep and within 1 hour give me a horrible flu like I have never seen. My throat tightened up instantly.

·         While I have no proof, I have a feeling this was done intentionally, and found someone who was sick to put me in the cell with

·         At one point, black people in a cell wanted me to talk to them during the 15 minute shower and phone call, but I didn't because I knew it was going to be  a setup

·         The next day, I think after about 3 days, they brought us to talk to a sergeant about the claims

·         Of course, oddly enough, the seargent and other officers this time were all black. And I could see they selectively choose them based on the racial lies about me.

·         I told the sergent the same as I told the others. But he asked me if this was my first time, and I explained it was. And he said I needed to choose which group I wanted to roll with power . Sounded pretty strange to me. Non the less, he did not put me back in the dorms, he wanted to segregate me and move me from the pre-hole to the hole which is the same, except no phone calls, or tv

·         I was moved to Block 922 cell 9. Once again, in to another 9, which is no coincidence when they are trying to send me hidden messages

·         In this room, a large part of the room was covered in writings all directed at me. It was also tons of White Supremacist writing or gang type of things

·         CRS with 2 lighting bolts. Which is odd because my father would always say he suffers from CRS (Can't Remember Shit)

·         Shwatickas

·         Books From Harlan Coben (Missing You, Fool me once) hinting about my father's property manager Harlen and Dion Bush

·         With overall hints about the Movie Wizards from 5 years old with the Nazi references and good/evil brothers

·         In the bottom bunk was a person who first called himself JR, then said his name was Josh who was a drug dealer who reminded me of Josh from the pool hall and he made all sorts of hints about my life

·         At one point a Rabbi came trying to covert me, and make me feel like I did something wrong, and gave me a book written by WEISS, hinting about Heather Weiss my cousin, and hinting about the Heather from Yankee Doodles sent after me who looks kinda sorta like heather trying to get coerced false confessions

·         And trying to flip me out into some kinda psychotic fantasy about the movie Wizards

·         I spoke with Josh for about 3 days about all the setups, frame jobs, operations, accusations, you name it. At this point from talking so much and the flu, my voice went.

·         Finally they staged something where they lost Josh's personal property and he pretended to flip out in obsessed anxiety based on important documentation being lost while he kept wanting to talk to the deputies while they kept pushing him while I was in the room to test me to see what I'd do

·         Also, Both cells 9, in 928, and 922 both had windows blocked by papers making them dark by the inmates, and in 928 a burned out bulb

·         In the morning, they decided to move us both to dorms although I have a feeling either josh was a cop, or moved back to where he was

·         Josh asked all sorts of questions relating back to Golden State Sports Medical and they smear operations which police officer saying "Hang Tight" hinting about tight Vnc and all sorts of questions like this asked.

·         As we were leaving Josh put a book on my bunk called something like Tender Journeys for me to see for some reason

Tender Journey: A Story for Our Troubled Times


From <https://www.amazon.com/Tender-Journey-Story-Troubled-Times/dp/1591858097>


·         For the next 2 days I would be moved to dorm 629 hinting about 29, the age I found out I was a target

·         This dorm was selectively filled with  Gang Members all told to work on me with staged operations hinting about Golden State Sports Medical, to try to thug me quiet about Elsie Sandoval, Lorena Escobars operations to end my life which my father was paying them to do with the entire office because he doesn't want me talking about what he has done to my life

·         The bunk 20b I was put on, they put things on it and made me move under to 18c under a Gang Member who called himself BossCo in jail to hint about my fathers company and blackmail to try to keep me quiet

·         They kept calling me G hinting about persian person G the X-ray tech in my fathers office they sent after me

·         The person to the left on me on 19B had a tattoo "Oi" on his arm because I always joke around on twitter saying OI

·         On the underside of 18B was a sticker something about Chlorox pack sticker with hints

·         And the person to my left had all sorts of food of things I buy. For example, the Soda's he had were coke/orange sunkist/Root Beer the 3 things I buy from Milano's pizza

·         The only other white person was someone who was pretending to be scared and pretending he had cut himself like the judge wrote on the paperwork that I had cut myself in the court room

·         The entire time they were told to obsess on saying I stink, and it's my arm pits which they did at my fathers office over and over obsessing on thin air to provoke me to death

·         When I stood up to the person who kept making me move from 20b to 18c he whimped out and got a bald tough guy who really wasn't that tough who pretended he wanted to fight me in the yard

·         At one point they saw some fear so started micro managing, then telling me when to take showers, and making up lies that I don't take showers trying to humiliate me with the white person as make me get next to him in the shower to n

·         Didn't like when I wrote Kevin The Vato on the store to see how much was in the account so tried to get thuggy

·         Told me I was broken off, some kind of possible gang slang, but probably not and said I had to do 123 burpies which are a fictitious punishment hinting about their 3's tactics for not doing what I was told

·         The one bald gang member when I was looking at the store purchases pointed to something like he wanted me to buy him something

·         On the 20B bunk looking up to 20A they drew a picture of a buff mighty mouse blowing his brains out, that said "Freedom" hinting about the lilly love photoshoot

·         The night of me supposedly going to my bail hearing their was an issue with him and the guards bossco and the person in 19b didn't want me seeing and blocked me in the bed

·         Then started trying to thug and intimidate me asking me if I was a cop and stupid things like this even though they knew who I was

·         They also didn’t want me walking around at night. Several threats and thugging

·         Person on top bunk started trying to play detective and asking me computer questions as I then started asking him computer questions to show I know more

·         When being bused back to Van Nuys for the Bail hearing, sheriff put me in room that had "Lorena" written on it

·         Sherieff refused to do anything for me to get my lawyer. Same one who said I cut myself

·         After the bail was set, and the Bail paid, the Clerks, magically filed or lost the paperwork sending me back to wayside which was obviously planned

·         Once I got back to Wayside, I told them I didn't want to go back to 429 and eventually they put me in 412 with wesley who didn't want me talking and played stupid

·         While this dorm was much better and much more civilized. Wesely was really nice and helpful until he realized he couldn't keep me quiet and I knew too much. After that, aside from pretending to help me get my paperwork back while telling the guards to stop me from having a papertrail. He started to get a little nasty, pushy, and accusatory. But it didn't work with me because I saw right through it

·         While wesly played the crazy card that I had better not talk or they could think I am crazy. It didn't seem to work when everyone else saw I was on the level about equality, and people being treated fairly which is when Wesley lost all control because he was on the side of the police and corruption. While Wesley was very smart, and you could have intellectual conversations. That all ends once he turned into thugging and trying to silence me

·         The next morning, once again I was told I was going home. At this point, moved to South side giving me their false hope

·         Once back at wayside, no one would acknowledge the situation, damn well knowing who I am and took to to South side less secure

·         They put me in 3113  room 31 bunk 13 intentionally

·         The bunk 13, was moved across the room somewhere in the 70's to put me next to who they wanted to put me

·         They put me next to 2 tough white guys, and a wanna be army gang white guy and spaced the beds different from the rest of the dorm

·         To my right was someone with a wolverine beard intentionally for me

·         The Army person wanted to be in control so gave me the usual speech about how things work, trying to get intimidating

·         I was leaving that night, and someone kept coming in asking for 3 to leave. When they wanted me, bunk 13. But he was saying 3 because he didn't want me to leave

·         Eventually the wolverine person was really concerned about my eye and wanted me to take a showing and keep my eye clean. And was concerned that I might get pink eye.

·         So then they wanted me to take a shower, and the wanna be army gang member wanted to take a shower at the same time with his friends and me leaving their underwear on

·         The person from 426 who ran around saying I stink all day was sitting by the showers all day on the phone for some reason

·         When we took the showers, he kept getting more ratchet. Soap more, do this, do that. He wanted me to take my underwear off which I told him, normally I do, but for some reason they had theirs on, and so I was just making sure something strange wasn't going on.

·         Finally, he said, I don't leave the shower until he does, and that Is when I said you are going too far and walked out

·         He was then mad when I was leaving and called me "BUD"

·         Finally, right after this, they pulled me out to go out IRC La central to be bailed out and said something was going on and stay in the infirmary

·         They sat me next to a black person, but then wanted to lock us in a fenced area for some reason saying they were on modded lockdown

·         After this, I went back to the infirmary and a person sitting to my left they took with me to IRC looked like someone punched him in the eye as well which was strange

·         The blonde officer said I was special being sarcastic and when I said, I am only special because of what the government did to my life. The Hispanic female security guard went ballistic saying that I need to take responsibly for my life, and if I have a problem with anything else I need to move to Aphganistan. When I talked about 1st amendment, illegal operations, passing bills that help us or changing policy. She exerted Nazi and Communistic personality traits thinking that because she was a police officer, she could do whatever she wants, even kill people if she didn't like them. Showing me exactly what I am fighting against in our corrupt government. That she was not about being a police officer or protecting or serving. Or even laws. Just about power and control

·         After this they took me to IRC playing western music and doing a U-turn to come back for something

·         After getting my clothing back they had several people being released at the same time. All with clothing selected directed at me. One person with 2 lightning bolts in his hair, Asian, had a shirt of the devil with a police uniform shooting himself

·         One had Camouflage pants

·         One was a lookalike from a Hispanic with a western accent the day they took me to Van Nuys court asking questions and singing

·         While telling the police officer that my clothing were a little nicer, he said "You Stink" letting me know he was working with the Gang Members. And I told him that the only thing that stinks is his illegal operations with Elsie Sandoval and Lorena Escobar at Golden State Sports Medical

·         While in wayside, or IRC I was told several things which I cannot say are true or not. I was told 90 days in these overcrowded jails is really more like 9 - 30 days. Some told me it was 2 months. Which I heard over and over except for a black sergeant who didn't like me telling him I don't want to roll with power I treat everyone equally who put me in the hole for 5 days after  this saying that 90 days is 90 days.

·         Because everyone in that prison as well as worldwide know me and tell me they do not giving me disinformation all day and night since 5 years old. You don't really know what is true or not. However you do know enough to know that no one is on my side, and all have ulterior motives to make me look crazy and remove me from society

·         There is no doubt from the day I was arrested with these frame jobs, no matter how innocent I am, this was always going to happen which brings up all sorts of important questions about what is going on, why it's going on, why it even starts at 5 years old

·         When going to the infermery - was in room 422 and the girl who said this 4 month bronchitis and flu was a simple cold had a guest pass, and what looked like a fake name tag on her. He did not appear to be an actual employee of the facility but someone brought in




·         Wants me to sign hipaa to get private information

·         They want to incarcerate me for life

·         I'm  criminal

·         "buddy", "Bye Bye",

·         Tried to tell me this is all because of treated unfairly as a child. Ya right

·         Knows what is going on, but says he doesn't see it like Karine ecihgian

·         Had fake client following me around, to paruvian place

·         Wants me to have cameras in car and garage but isn't interested in any of the video showing the situations that are occuring

·         Meets me in front of chess board at marriot, like lawyer before

·         States that if a police officer feels his is justified someone is guilty they can do whatever they want*



Karine T Philips - Prosecuter


·         Moved from pasadena to woodland hills 2017

·         Pretending she does not know about the 17 years of mass chaos directed at me in huge all day and night attacks

·         Might be a correalation between her, and Tom Farley who was in rehab on spped, faking it in from multiple hit and runs drunk or on speed

·         Connection between Tom Farley hunting me down on IRC, the meds he had and his endless other lies about me

·         While there is no direct connection other then they are probably using her to send me hidden messages about pasadena, IRC, and Tom Farley she has showed in the courtroom, she is a pathological liar, knows EXACTLY what is going on. And was even given a hude hard drive of these mass city mobbings she did nothing with and came after me showing that she had a chance to stop a crime in progress, but she came after the victim crying to help and police protection. Showing corruption, and aiding and abetting a mass conspiracy to bury me

·         Also theats the want to Incarcerate me for life showing that this is personal, and about covering up their crimes against me for destorying my life because they don't want the can of worms it will open up once the truth comes out











Blog about Gun Frame job


·         Father constatnly trying to contact my shrinks, police stalking me, and lawyers I was trying to hire. With the he's concerned excuse. But why wasn't he concerned that I am being hunted by the police?

·         At 16 father contacts police and they put a bullet hole in his car and tell the world I tried to kill him or scare him

·         WHY? Who knows, but consistent with his endless frame jobs similar to this over and over for 40 years show that it's just about his hate and rage towards me and he wants me dead and gone with my brother and mother

·         Rodie Morales sent after me in early or mid 20's wanted to go to strip clubs, use his name to to scare me into coerced false confessions while working on endless frame jobs and setup attempts. Working with Mike Huntley, NSA/FBI to get some kind of Murder Confession as well. Anything to make it look like I did something wrong or was on the run to turn the masses against me

·         At the end of 29 along with what I was noticing going on worldwide and starting to get suspicious, Rodie tries to scare and thug me into a murder confession "It's not like you killed someone have you"

·         Mike Huntley Shows his 25 year hate and rage coming forward with the weird comments about how he has given me enough rope to hang myself, he can't set me up, he is using the system against me, etc and while I have no clue even to this day what he was babbling about and why he is so angry with everyone else and my family at me. He shows that he's invested 25 years in trying to have me killed or ending my life on some level. Which can only be explained by the fact that he was originally my brothers friends and his indirect threats on my life

·         A few months later comes my 30th birthday and Victoria walker is told by my father and the LPD and Government to give me a toy gun in a surprise box to try to guilt me into more coerced false confessions about Kelly Hatch, Jen Hess, and of course the toy gun hinting about my father's frame jobs when I was 16 with the LAPD

·         After this the gun pretty much stays in a box or away somewhere for years as I don't think anything of it other then I know she is hinting about Kelly hatch and all sorts of guilt's in the box coming after me.

·         Years go by, and I am doing model shoots in my photography while trying  to start my life over with worldwide mobbing's and during some of the shoots, the Gun makes a good photo prop so I use it in some shoots, un aware of how mad my father is getting about it

·         Around this time, Lorena Escobar wants to hire me to work at Golden State Sports Medical, and I need the money to eat and have no clue where this worldwide murder campaign is coming from and why

·         Lorena Escobar pretending she wants to do photoshoots, then hunting me down for it, also working with Aubrey Fisher, and Tom Farley

·         Around this time, Arnold Silber my step father comes in to town with my mother and they want me to go to Venice beach with them. I believe not only hinting about Venice the stripper working with Aubrey Fisher as if I somehow did something to her as well, while she is manipulating me to Bare Elegance where I meet Mila. In other frame job operations and smear operations. But while we are down in Venice beach, he really wants me to see this restaurant called Shatzi's owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hinting about guns and bullets. I do not pick up on the hints and guilt's at the time. And have no clue of what is going on

·         Around this time, after Victoria Walker told me she wanted to be healthy, and me telling her to sign up to my Gym, where she met Matt Von Malaki, her German trainer. He as well was hunting me with her. Matt and his friends with her, decided that they wanted to go every month to Shatzi's for cigar night, where Arnold Made appearances. The real reason was about guiling me into coerced false confessions about the Gun. And I am guessing it had to do with the 357, my father owned that he told Paul Humphry to try to manipulate me into showing to him as well as the hole, he and the police put in his 300e Mercedes when I was around 16, saw, and showed him in concern

·         So every month we went to Shatzi's as they were working on me, as I wasn't really clear as to what was going on. Noticing weird behaviors like frank the zipper mad at me about his wife who Rodie was trying to make it look like I was stalking with endless other women

·         This all correlating back to my step father, and my real father both working together with worldwide support in these operations

·         Meanwhile time goes on, and not only do I do photoshoots with this toy gun and models which Victoria and the Police are upset about such things that no one could remotely care less about. Lilly love pointing the gun at her own head in the picture or me holding it with a mean acting expression and joking around using it for social network profile picture which my artwork changes from things to thing and different themes. Yet this one theme with the GUN really bothers them. Why did the gun picture bother them, when it is harmless fantasy art like going to a movie or art gallery, or billions of similar pictures like it on the Internet which they are trying to brainwash me and saying is reckless?

·         When My father told Lorena Escobar to hire me to get me in his office to do IT for 14 years, they worked on me from day one. Nonstop, terror harassments every few minutes for 14 years, and worldwide support to try to make me look like a violent paranoid schizo, working with the LAPD, NSA/FBI. What is it that they wanted? Violent reactions, Death Threats, anything in self-defense to remove me from society or put me in jail. WHY? Why did mike Huntley at 29 hint to me he wanted me to threaten someone's life?

·         After my father moved his office from Tarzana to Northridge, Patti googin, a key player in this since 16 who had hinted over and over I had committed some crime. Was mad at me for listening to music, and creating art. Working on me with everyone else, but more so. And having her son Tristen come in and work on me. Which might even relate to the Tristen in Southern Oregon State College in my dorm the Wrestler. Patti was working all sorts of angles on me as well.

·         But to keep it to the Gun one, The real trigger for my father and his Gun issues seems to be around when I was 16 years old and painted the Water Color painting of the Grateful dead skull/cowboy hat/Gun picture which I told Patti I think I might want to get a tattoo of. And she said you better not tell your father with some very strange sentence structure of something no one could care less about. Why would anyone care about this harmless watercolor picture? Or even a tattoo?

·         Well, one of my father, and mothers scams is to say that I am tortured inside, and so my art reflects my emotional traumas and therefore, I am not stable, and need to be watched. Making up such lies that my art is confessions of crimes, and the horrible monster that I am. Using this tactic on me from a very young age and spewing it out worldwide using their psychology degree's as weapons. My father also hunted over and over that I somehow made so horrific art as a child, but yet he can't tell me what this art is. Kind of like hinting about the child and his violent artwork in the movie the 6th sense

·         So, hence any artwork created is used against me working on angles about my stability to the world, police, NSA/FBI, and psychology community

·         Now after I painted this harmless watercolor painting, Patti googin clearly went to my father with it, in some kind of cover up or Angle to rid me of the world wide my father adding it to they collection of terror tactics to use against me

·         Hence right around this time, and I am pretty sure, right after this. Is when Paul Humphry was told to frame me and try to set me up with his 357. As well as my father putting the bullet hole in his car with the LAPD which I found in concern and told him. Which he to this day claims is no big deal and never even called the police

·         Now, while my father is lying at his office that I am imagining these mass attacks he is actually sitting by me watching, taking part in, for 4 years alone. Or him having his wife Shelly and her family with her son Eric hunt and stalk me every way known to man, while he watches and says I am imaging it in his anger and rage of my birth for some reason he keeps telling me he loves me. But will not do anything to stop it and he needs to make money. Showing that instead of confronting people like Lorena Escobar who he was pretty much paying off for 30 years to follow me from college to college having people hunt me. She was pretty much paid off to do this, as well as to Janet Nordet

·         What did my father want while 1000's of cars per day in his business parking lot were showing up provoking me, and endless terror attacks from every person I am in contact with on the planet have to do with me? What was their motive? Obviously to set me up to get me in jail Mike Huntley "We are using the system against you"

·         Why is it so important to put me in jail? What is it my father wants so bad that he needs to get me off the streets for no reason?

·         When we think about it, at one point right after moving to the Northidge office, Patti Googin really wanted me to get a cat. I mean, sure, there  are cat lovers out there, but she really wanted me to have one. Why was this? And eventually I went out and got one. And I really like my cat. But while patti was woking on me since 16. Why did she want me to have this cat?

·         The girl who was hunting me for listening to Guns n roses, or Queensryche, or Ratt. Saying those are some kind of crimes. What is it that she wanted so bad. Why did she want me to have a cat

·         Also, people like Fernanda Sime with my father were working on all sorts of weird angles telling everyone my house is not mine, or my deed is not mine. Or I somehow wronged my father because he originally co-signed my property and I had him sign it off into my own name while they were pitching some angle like I stole his house and property. An angle he was working on with his south beach property in hopes he could migrate me to Florida, and make it look like I was taking over his place there? Why was he doing this. What is his issue with my property, that even though I have always paid my mortgage since day one. He wants to make it look like it isn't my place. So much so that he and Officer Sean Dinse have Terence Scroggins hunting me saying it is his property with every illegal operation known to man with the LAPD. What is it about my property that they want? With my father, Fernanda Sime, Patti Googin, you name it. They clearly want something. No one invested BILLIONS and severely tortures someone all day and night for 17 years over it for no reason?

·         What about my property is so important they have had the HOA send in plumbers to put holes in my wall that go nowhere, not fix it, and things like this? What do they want? Why the endless setup attempts andf rame jobs.

·         Well, if you haven't done anything wrong, they have no warrant to get in. But why would they want to get in my property so bad? When Tom Farley, sent after me was my friend, so I thought, and he was pretending with the Police that he was a speed addict, and was busted for hit and runs and forced to go to rehab, and when he was done, and his family threw him on the streets I gave him free place to stay. And the entire time he was working on me with the police, sending me hidden messages, eluding I have committed some kind of crime. Was trying to manipulate me into harassing women. Was given fake labeled medication by my father and the Police and Pharmacy labeled for "Vertigo" right on it pretending he has Vertigo which he does not in an attempt for CORECED false confessions that somehow one of my Screen Names on IRC and everywhere else is a crime, just like every piece of art created, every car bought, every shirt worn, you name it working every extermination angle and tactic known to man

·         Yet, if I had guilt why did I let him in my house and he was still coming after me? Why did they want me in jail and to be in my house for so long? What is it they need the time to look for and find

·         A father who flat out told me a story I cannot tell you is true. That he at one time sent one of his girlfriends and accidental email, so he had to sneak in her house and erase it

·         We have BILLIONS of government dollars invested in me, worldwide resources to lock me away. Endless setups terror operations, frame job operations, which at 29, ramped up to insane amounts where Mike basically tells me he is going to get me to threaten someone's life which still has not really worked fully. We have falsified arrests for criminal threat, trumped up battery charges which I am the victim and was assault and battery's not just by this one person, but several people over the years working with the LAPD and Starbucks corporate over the years. What is it that they want and need to get me away from?

·         Finally, they get me in jail for these misdemeanors. Which the worst case, the falsified battery charge was a tiny little scrap on baily Bernard's knee. You'd have a worse bruise accidently slipping putting milk in the refrigerator. Got me a sentence of 120 days, and they put me in maximum security prison. No fines on any level. And he was the attacker and pursuer on all levels. And my cuts and scrapes were way worse. And the entire incident was from a man following me home, assaulting me over and over. Then blocking my gate threatening my life telling me I can't go in my place. Then knocking the keys out of my hand to stop me from getting away from him. Putting me in complete danger of my life. Which the police told him to do. WHY? And yet I was the one who called the police 1st. So they arrested me for it.

·         Aside from them not wanting the truth to come out. Tarnishing my name with this 40 year all day and night extermination operations. What it that moment since 29 do they want? Where they went agro beyond their normal level of agro with billions more invested?

·         Well, after the entire bunk trial with every illegal operation known to man. A judge trying to pretend he does not know me while trying to trigger me.

·         Every Bailiff, clerk, Lawyers for other cases taking turns on me in the court room pretending they don't know me.

·         Every restraining order I tried to file, them making sure no one could happen from clerks refusing to give me serving papers, Sheriffs refusing to serve them. You name it.

·         Why do they want some person who has pretty much been the nicest person known to man and the pillar of his communities and accepted and helped everyone in his path aside from having a fine open minded side like a harmless swinger would?

·         What are they so mad about, what do they want so bad. They need me in jail for no real reason. No crimes. Nothing done wrong bigger than anything that people deal with  on a daily basis in normal life. The only one argument ever with my mother at 14 where I said "Fuck you, who cares what people think" is the crime of all crimes and the world told I have a problem with Authority because I disobeyed my mother ONE SINGLE TIME ever and was always there for her. Most children growing up have all sorts of fights with  their parents and aren't hunted from BILLIONS of government dollars. So what is it they want?

·         Well, after this Kangaroo court and bunk fabricated trial was over where every Jury Knew Exactly who I am and said they didn't as I am 10 times more known the Donald Trump from this. As well as the Judge and all the lowers in these mass cover up operations. What is it that they want?

·         Clearly they have spent all day and night, 24/47 to put me in jail for some strange reason. That was always going to happen no matter what. So once again, what is it that they want?

·         Well, lets do the MATH!

·         We have a father who wants to get in my house since 29! WHY? This all starts at 30 years old with Victoria Walker told by him to the NSA/FBI and local Police to give me this harmless toy gun no one could remotely care less about.

·         Not only this, the 2nd Amendment says that EVERYONE in the U.S. says we have the right to bare arms, and are protected from that.

·         Some of my fathers scam disinformation stories at some of his business lunches with Lorena Escobar and me he would invite me to, to terrorize me and try to get me to look abusive were about people stealing peoples properties, and even about Fernanda Sime, who was working on me and my property. But also about doctors he knows being arrested for having guns because they think he's crazy at Kushiyu, encino. As well as Lorena Notifying every restaurant and supermarket worldwide to torture me to death to stop eating any food at all ever. So, Ya sure right

·         I believe this was also right after I started seeing therapist named Karine Echigian in 2013 where she was illegally giving all my conversations to Lorena Escobar my father office manager. At the same time, Officer Dinse, and Jensen were sent after me because they didn't want me telling anyone about my life and what was done to it

·         So, I am protected by the 2nd amendment with a beyond any level of clean criminal record. But yet, they are using an angle that I could be a gun owner to hunt me with worldwide support makes no sense at all.

·         Plus, there are several gun owners who have arsenals of legal registered guns. No one cares. Even an angle Victoria walker tried to play last month.

·         And as far as toy guns go. How many people have kids with toy guns? 60% of the world? Some look real, some are laser or water guns

·         Ok, so some person has a toy gun berried away in a box for years, then uses it in some fantasy art and model shoots. While Billions of model shoots have real guns like M16's in them, AK47's and no one spends one second thinking about how that photography put a gun in his picture and needs to be removed from  society

·         People don't go to movies saying that writer and producer need to be removed from society

·         So, what is my fathers beyond any level of demented issues with GUNS, and especially the one he had Victoria Walker with the Police and government give me in the last 17 years since she gave it to me, I have witnessed over 100,000 - 1 mil worldwide attacks per day?

·         Over a toy gun sitting in a box in someone's house or in a few model shoots and one joking around social profile photo of myself?

·         BILLIONS invested! BILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

·         Lets talk about how the law normally works first. People don't normally walk around saying. See that person, he didn't shave and is walking around my neighborhood. I think he is a danger to himself or others and is a serial killer. So I am going to call the police. And they are going to investigate some person with a clean record who is unshaven taking a walk.  Then launch illegal unconstition vigilante groups they try to call "Neighborhood watch groups" all directed with terror, torture and setup operations. To bash his skull in over and over mentally or physically until he has to defend himself to stay breathing. Then say. Look, he hit someone because between the 1000 crow bars to the skull per hour on him. He hit someone so he doesn't bleed to death and die of a concussion. And therefore even though the crow bars to the skull never stop. He is not allowed to defend himself  Just like my father and Mike Huntley told me even so much so to pass out a business card stating. You have been lied to, I have done nothing wrong. And if you ever speak to someone or hand them a card to your website. You will be incarcerated for life, and are a danger to yourself or others because those 1000's of skull bashings per hour with crow bars don't matter. Because by you reacting to bleeding to death, you have proved to the world you are a violent person.

·         DOES NOT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And any 10 year old can see through that

·         Now, what is it that they want so bad that they have gone through this much trouble to lock me in maximum security prison and notify gangs in the entire prison system that I am somehow competing with them, or using the term Gangstalking as a literal which is somehow making them think that Ganstalking is about Gangs as a literal when the term was formed about group mobbing's and anyone with any little common sense can see this.

·         Well that is a thugging and distraction terror tactic to spin my mind to divert what the real issues are. Which pertain starting with my family in their anger and rage once I was born for some reason that I wasn't the Doctor with a secondary Psychology degree to control people like them. And did blue collar things in a white collar neighborhood, like buy hot rod books and learn to build car engines on my own. Things they didn't like because they are out getting their nails done while having rich men support them. And can't understand self gratification from learning something like this on your own or being the best you can be or building a business on your own that is like climbing mount Everest to be proud of and say you did something in life of scale and magnitude when you didn't have too! Instead of sitting in an office from 9-5 grunting and going home at 4:30 hating everyone. Instead you work 11 hours a day, and have built something magnificent and helped others. They cannot conceive of this. And is a crime to them. You just go to med school or else. And you associate with who we tell you! No matter how harmless or open minded. It does not matter. No people with Tattoo's. Hence, their labeling of people from trivial things that don't matter

·         So, back to the point why was it so important to put me in jail!

·         First, what you need to understand was that I was out on bail for like 6 months, And endlessly went to Van Nuys court. Was in front of the judge and in the court room all through pre-trial on court appearances I did not have to go to. Remember, that normally when arrested for a crime. You have a right to a fair and quick trial. And also the concern facter about bail is weather the the person is dangerous to society!

·         Yet, in the 6 months after the arrest nothing happened except endless things to me, and on video. Showing  I am just sitting around being ATTACKED endlessly like usual. And still not committing any crimes. But yet they are. And the police, judge, lawyers are lying saying they are doing nothing wrong

·         So, finally after the trial. Even video footage of threats with Gas Station owners threatening the tow truck driver with metal objects to not tow me after slashing my tire. That alone should tell the court room what they need to know and at the same time. I remained cool and calm like usual

·         Well, INSTANTLY, and I mean INSTANTLY. After the trial. And an instant verdict from a jury tampered jury. Who was going to make this decision no matter how innocent I am. As well as my own lawyer refusing to bring in anything that has to do with self-defense trying to make me look different and crazy. As well as INTENTIONALLY leaving out the entire argument of the situation that occurred showing setup and frame job operations. He had from day one and refuses to use. As well as Sean dinse stalking me during the trial after the arrests saying that the police can do whatever they want if they feel you did something wrong. Which goes back to our CONSTITION OF THE UNITED STATE. Which is supposed to protect us from this. And normally does. Example Rodney King.

·         So, I am in the court during the verdict where they threw the book on me for all charges for the crime of freedom of speech, and showing human emotion, expression, and what people do every day of our lives which is perfectly normal and I am told is not.

·         Not only this, they prosecutor was allowed multiple closing arguments to sandwich the defense closing argument so that they could control the message.

·         And most importantly. In this case, where my attorney REFUSED to allow me to talk about circumstantial evidence like, What happened at 29, who I am, where I came from. My background showing I was born went to college, worked for large  corporations like Universal studios, Modern video Film. Had my own company for 6 years up until 29.

·         And most importantly. That everything about my life is ART! Example, I grew up creating art. I went to college with a degree to create art. I worked in Hollywood Creating Art. ALL ARE RELEVENT as Circumstantial evidence about me creating art since they are saying I am a crazy person for pictures with a gun in it! Why would the prosecution be allowed to have at any fragmented out of context information about me on a circumstantial level. And my own paid defense attorney say and do nothing as to a DEFENSE? Also this applies to every aspect of the case in pre-trial, to factual evidence. Example. I have years of flat out EVIDENCE on video showing anything I do to these mass mobbing's and attacks to end my life is all about self defense. Remember Mike Huntley and Ron Perelman "You are never allowed to defend yourself" Even tell anyone what is being done to you.

·         Yet, I have proof of endless crime spree's against me. Showing that passing out cards is in self defense. Yet I went to maximum security prison for the real thng that upsets them PASSING OUT CARDS in self defense. Which they are trying to turn into a liter issue and dig up unheard of charges never before used on people about handing people paper objects. Kind of like the old wives tale about Oral Sex is illegal in the state of California. Or being Incarcerated for like for J-walking, because you J-walked too much. Which by the way I was THREATENED by the Judicial system that they want to Incarcerate me for life. Now, is someone rid of the world for J-walking too much or are the rid of the world because that J-walker has vital incriminating evidence from a mas crime done to them?

·         And he kept lying to the jury saying I am strange and different. But yet the prosecution was allowed to bring in circumstantial evidence. And what they brought in was a simple photo of my social network profile of me holding the toy gun. The picture my father working with Officer Sean Dines years prior went ballistic and did not like.

·         Once again, why did he care so much about some harmless artistic photo from an artist?

·         So on the Jury conviction day. Now remember, I've been in court for 6 months showing I am as harmless as a kitten licking someone out of love in front of the judge and everyone else.

·         And the judge after the conviction sentences me to 120 days in maximum security prison, all well thought out beforehand. And according to the bailiff/Sheriff on the paperwork. Says I tried to cut myself in the courtroom. Although I did not get a chance to read it while being hand cuffed. He pointed to the sentence. And also, that paperwork magically disappeared. It never went back into my personal belongings with the keys and wallet and such he took.

·         Then sent out to maximum security prison which they don't want me having any proof of.

·         Remember, even though they convicted me on this falsified battery charges. The most damage, which was a lot less them me from my attacker. Was a tiny little scrap on his knee. Never went to hospitals. Would have been more disabled in life, by a common cold. Think about this.

·         No fines, straight to maximum security prison with hardened people like those involved in Murder and things like this.

·         Ok, so, now where are back to the common sense questions. WHY? What is going on? Why is it so important to put this person in jail! What is the MOTIVE! The reasoning?

·         Well ,THAT NIGHT! Instantly. My father who I had cut off from is severe abuse. And flat out showing me that he choose money over simply telling Lorena Escobar stalking me is unacceptable or even firing the lady that is trying to kill his own son. And hire someone else. And years ago. My father made a conscious decision to support the people that want me dead actively hunting me to kill me. And telling me. "Well, I need to make money, I can't just fire an employee" While I never specifically told my father to fire anyone. He did however let me know what he thinks of his own son. The message if you didn't figure it out is. Kevin, I love you. But I need to make money. And If someone in my office is going to hunt and kill you. Well, I can't just fire them. Because I need to make money. AKA I love you, but money is more important than your breathing.

·         After I was fired, and he wanted to cover up what Lorena Escobar with mass worldwide support which he is obviously paying her todo I got him out of my life

·         But yet, he and Dinse and the LAPD and government like usual weren't done hunting me for 1.5 years after and still going on.

·         Just like he and Lorena Did to Janet Nordet.

·         So instantly that night! Of arrest! He did not waste a second of time! He was over my house, and on security camera PRETENDING it was because he loves me and wants to keep my cat fed!

·         The cat that he had Patti Googin manipulate me in to getting

·         The girl he made up lies about saying she stole their medication. Then showed me the servaillence video asking me if I thought the person with the hood on was Patti as I could not answer

·         And after this telling the world I stole medication from his office with a hood on while making it look like patti quit from a police investigation

·         And ironically. You might say this could happen right? But after Patti was on the so called run. She was continually in contact with Lorena Escobar the office manager after this event. Showing that non of it is even true. And when I didn’t' fix computer systems they way Lorena Wanted. Patti would call me up or text me and Lorena Confirming that she wanted me to talk to patti after this event!

·         But wait! Patti was confronted by the LAPD, quit, and supposedly stole office medications, yet she is still hanging out with Lorena And my father and contacting me trying to get in my life. YOU DO THE MATH!

·         After this, the world told like the endless lie defamation slander spree. That I had stole his medications as well working on one of his angles.

·         Now, like I was saying before. THAT NIGHT! My father was over my house. PRETENDING he gave a shit about my cat eating. The same man, that would not stop his employees from killing his own son. And chose money over my life.

·         Now, while coming over my house. NO PERMISSION. No Contact. Everyone knowing I want nothing to do with him. And me making it clear in court the association with the Gun Picture. And my father working with the  Police to hunt me over harmless art. Like all my other art he has been hunting me over. HE WAS OVER MY HOUSE Past the main gate. On my community property. On my porch

·         And what is the first thing you see on security video? Him trying to get in the main door. Him trying to get in the side door! Him checking the windows!

·         Luckily, the doors were locked. And he was playing his poker cards in hopes, maybe I would forget or didn't lock my door because that is the only card he had to play

·         Now, Think about that type of person this is? Think about how well thought out and pre-meditated this is. Think about the fact it took him 17 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All day and night 24/7 to get to my front door in such a way that made it look like he's a concerned loving father!

·         Do you want to talk about criminals, murderers, you name it! While this situation is just one of 1000's like this from him. I want anyone in the psychology community to analyze that! Anyone in the judicial system to Analyze that! But more importantly the Dynamics of how the police and government are helping him! These are all questions of national security and all of us citizens safety at stake.

·         Now if I had done anything wrong, They would have had a search warrant from probably cause showing I was a suspect with enough evidence. So the entire point, is that the POLICE are OPERATING ILLEGALLY! Because they are going after innocent people! THEY DID NOT HAVE A WARRANT BECAUSE THERE IS NO CRIME! Hence getting in my house ILLEGALLY!

·         With Billions spent! Once again WHY! Why do they ILLEGALLY need to get in my house and have ample time to find something, what is it they want so bad!

·         Well, Now I understand! The Gun, in my art, and in my house. Symbolically show that I have no guilt over any crimes. If I committed a crime with a gun. I would be scared to talk about guns. Hence, me showing no fear or guilt at 30 years old when Victoria was told to give me a gun in front of my father so he could try to analyze me when given it did not work.

·         Me using it in my photoshoots showed that I was acting like normal people do because who cares? Nothing wrong is being done. Me putting it in my social network profile art, joking around shows I have no fear of guilt. And more importantly. The WORLD seeing my art in their Secret information dissemination of defamation shows the world. The gun exists, and I have no guilt!

·         Now, what was the reasoning to constantly try to intimidate me in courts, and throw me into maximum security prison because art of a toy gun exists in such a way all art exists which is no different then what billions worldwide are doing? Especially in the Art world. Which I am an artist's wo went to College with Art Degree Classes

·         I will tell you! The reason is, if you flash a picture you don't like someone made in front of them. Try to brainwash them trying to make you think you did something wrong. Then throw you in maximum security prison for it. Then dangle carrots, you might be going back for a long time because of this harmless gun picture.

·         The entire REASONING is to get me to dispose of the toy gun, and all associated artwork from it! WHY!

·         Who could care less? Why is this so important. If this was any other person, they'd look at the police some kind of strange Aliens and probably either laugh, or go they are insane!

·         So the WEIGHT of this question is very important. THIS TOY GUN! INCRIMINATES my father and those associated with him. In mass organized crimes and conspiracies. On unheard of levels!

·         There are no crimes that I have done. And if there were on this magnitude I would have been arrested for them. Hence the real crimes from the people in our government, and my family

·         Taking the law in their own hands based on fantasy they created when I was a young child. Based on fear that I might do something that they don't like. There is no real crime .It's all fiction and fantasy created starting by my family.

·         - Now putting me in a jail cell for a  while gives him plenty of time to look through every nook and cranny and find that toy gun which incriminates him in a mass crime of unprecedented levels in the history of humanity doesn't it?

·         But this does not JUSITIFY Billions of government dollars for a worldwide man hunt. To torture kill, exterminate, eradicate someone over someone elsees beliefs for any reason at all!

·         Hence why we have the CONSTITIION OF THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA! And those in out government have violated every single constitutional amendment when it comes to Kevin Perelman. In this case, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th and so forth with the intent to actually kill me over it. Now you might question why it goes from Guns to Car thief, to pedophilia, to  hacking people and trying to make them mentally ill. To I am just a crazy person.

Once again, the entire reason my father wanted to get In my house, on security camera, is to get that gun which incriminates him since I was 16 years old and painted the water color painting of the Grateful dead Skull/cowboy/gun water color painting which no one could care less about. Because he was attacking my credibility and emotional state. Because he doesn't want his son creating any art. Which such lies that I am tormented, so I made the picture acting out in anger and crazy things like this using his psychology as a weapon to control or eradicate. Remember. This is a man who puts shock collars on his dogs to communicate with them instead of showing love and taking the time to figure out ways to work with them.

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