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The System used to try to terrorize and torture me into submission to do what I am suggested to dictate my life

The system seems to be a psuedo socialistic system built around my life to keep me inline with family, government, Social workers, Media and masses world wide all networked together to control and dictate my life and then brainwash me into thinking I am a horrible person and that I deserve what is happening and that it is my fault that it is happening and I must accept that this is my entire life to stop me from fighting against what is being done. Who I can date, what I eat, where I can go, what I can do for a living, what my hobbies are. This system is based on inflicting pain to teach me lessons to dictate my life. As well as world wide neighborhood watch groups of people who know me, and tell me that I am imagining it and that no one knows me. To create the sense that I am being watched at all times, and create paranoia telling me that it's not happening as it is obvious it is. Not only that, but stranger after stranger will hint that they know this or that about me, to suggestively tell me that I am being watched as well as constantly hounded that I know you went here, said this, or did that. Trying to dictate who I have to be with for the rest of my life. Even intricate things like social behaviors. I am mentally battered to try to mold me into a specific type of templated person based on someones views of who I should be rather then thinking for myself and being my own person. Almost based on someones ideal view of what life is, and who you should be based on as if their was some type of mathematical equation I have to follow in order to be accepted. Rather then social groups with common interests relating and growing together.

World wide tools were also created and with the invention of the Internet used to give to the world as well so that if anyone in the world is not happy with what I say, what I want to do, something they don't approve of. Then they can use the psychological warfare tools based on information dissemination or psychological terror tactics to covertly inflict mental anguish as punishment to telling me what I can and cannot do, not based on legal or illegal, but based on what someone thinks and approves of. Example, Maybe I hire a programmer for a job, and they think I should only have one programmer, not more then one. All the programmers will be notified with these internet tools build around me to dictate my life telling each and everyone to send me the same hidden message to make me sick, every time I try to hire a new programmer saying. You can only have one. More then one is wrong. Common sense would dictate that some jobs require a lot of programmers or more then one. But that is because this is about keeping me at a certain place in life where I can be watched and controlled, and my life dictated and I don't go out on my own and have my own life.

Media is also used from radio, tv, internet, movies, etc as parts are taken from my life, written into scripts or used on broadcasts as well as using the media to send me messages to try to make it look like I suffer from Paranoid schizophrenia. This is once again, due to inflicting emotional pain, trying to make me look crazy to dictate my life and be able to try to tell me I have to be the perfect person of these networked people world wide will start using my life against me. Kind of a scare tactic. You don't speak perfectly, we will use what is not perfect and put it in the media for the world to use over and ove to guilt you to death. What separates this from someone who is famous is that they are known world wide and people address it as such, as opposed to taking things from someones life, putting it in a large amount of the media, and telling them they are imagining it and it isn't happening. To create that leverage of, you do what we say, or else.

Also, If there is something that I get into that they do not approve of, they will have people befriend me or people approach me trying to set me up. If one setup does not work, they will keep going until they can achieve the goal of sabotaging what I am doing. Example, my family and these groups do not approve of me going to coffee shops, getting coffee, meeting people and getting work done. So every coffee shop I go to in the world, people will approach me, befriend me, try to set me up or get info to smear my name, or try to get me to go after them or cause a scene so they can say I cannot come back. Amongst all the other psychological attacks.

The more I defy the system or what I am suggested I have to do, the crazier they try to make me look so they can say. Look at all the things he has done. This person is crazy. He's to sensitive, he can't take social pressures, etc, ignoring the systematic attacks. So if there is any situation where I have to defend myself in. The defending myself will be used as leverage to say I am crazy and look at what I did. Which will be documented and thrown into their imaginary rap sheet, they call their “Laundry List”, and given to the world as a way to try to immobilize me and dictate my life by controlling me with black mail or riling the masses in an uproar against me to try to teach me lessons and do what I am accused of, all day and night to me for the rest of my life, or we have dirt on you to scare me quiet. Of course ignoring the endless attacks, setups, torture tactics that for several years escalated upwards of 10,000 mental attacks per day world wide while being told that no buddy knows me and I am imagining it. Of course, non of the initial attacks, setups, smears, and actions like that seem to be of any importance to the people involved which is world wide ignoring all common sense and showing that they don't care what is done to me as long as I just am battered into submission and do as I am told. Very similar to slavery on a global scale against one man.

A system based on psychological torture and psychological warfare punishments to dictate my life. A way of telling me what I can or cannot do, and told what to do through manipulation and psychological torture with the masses world wide on every imaginable level. Of course nothing ever is directly said because that would lead to proof of what they are doing or show that they are control freaks as opposed to trying to make me look crazy for resisting. And the more I try to go my own way or do my own thing, the angrier they get and the more they ramp up the attacks to try to make me look crazy or mentally ill. Example, if you go into a coffee shop, buy some coffee. Thank them for it. They will retaliate for you saying thank you, because maybe they feel that only they are allowed to thank me. And in retaliation will mimic to mock me about it by immediately copying me. Doing this at every business in the world until I no longer feel comfortable being nice and thanking them. This will be done on all aspects from personality to every other aspect of life that they just don't want me to do.

Example, By asking out a stripper and telling her I liked her, the world was told I am obsessed, and stalking that person and I need to be attacked by people world wide for my crimes. Hence, teaching me a lesson to not ask out strippers. Another example would be when I was around 12, kissing a black girl and the world told I hate black people riling the black communities against me and having me hunted. While black women got jobs at coffee shops where they knew I went, trying to endlessly provoke me to try to set me up to try to get me to go after them to try to make the lies look true. Thus putting a stop to me ever asking out a black girls as my family saw that I had a thing for black girls. Clearly ashamed. And not wanting any association with with black people.

This also applies to what I do for a living as well as everything else. For example when my family found out I was starting to build adult websites, people came in my life to try to set me up any way possible to destroy my reputation in that industry. People would befriend me saying “lets build adult websites” even my father pretending he had no problem with it, to find out, in the end, the same person that said he wanted to build the sites and befriending me for years, and not wanted to actually do any work, was then shaming me for building them with everyone else as if in this day and age anyone would really care. As he and everyone else endlessly mentally battered me to death as punishment for what they deem a crime, which is perfectly legal, and just something they do not approve of.

My punishment for this so called crime is to be attacked and provoked for the rest of my life for pursuing what I wanted to pursue. And the people who accept it, are told lies and smears about me, to turn them against me. Example, buy building websites for the adult industry, or getting into studio photography were artistic pictures of women are photo'd and created. Women, industries world wide were told that I am a con man trying to meet women and that the rest was a fraud. This is said not out of insecurity, due to mass money invested in telling the world these lies with clear intent to sabotage, but rather to stop me from doing it, dictate my life, smear my name so I can never work with those types of people again because they will no longer accept me believing the lies, and the amount told starting at around the age 10 to destroy my credibility for the sole purpose to dictate my life.

Now one might say, getting into the adult industry can be something that people might not understand and they may be right, but when pursuing other businesses like Tweed Studio or other websites that are non adult based and their could be no issues with. All the programmers world wide are told to endlessly attack me with mental illness tactics so that nothing gets accomplished and I have to go from programmer to programmer getting nothing done.

Yet I cannot get a job world wide or function normally because what has been done to my life, and am put in a weakened sick state where all day I am attacked and tortured world wide from what is being done.

My father gave me a job before I could understand what was going on which gives me just enough money to survive. I can afford mortgage and to eat, and leave very cheaply and survive. In an office I Prided myself on going in 40 hours per week so that I could help people in need. Yet they don't really want me in the office to make peoples lives easier, and the employees are told to mentally batter me all day, every single day I am ever there to torture me into a weakened state and tell the world I think I am the boss and trying to take over the company or any lie imaginable where they don't really want me to work for some strange reason while smearing my name. Yet I have my basic so called allowance which would be my paychecks from my job to provide me with enough income to just survive. Yet if I try to go out and do something to get away and live my own life with freedoms, masses will get together with my family, police, and social workers, and do anything possible to make sure nothing comes close to starting something that I can make money with to be on my own. Providing a life that I can survive, but not actually live while I am attacked by almost every single person world wide I am in contact with.

It get significantly worse on things like speaking out to people as to what is going on. The minute I tell someone what is going on, that person working with the masses will start attacking me with these covert psychological warfare tactics to create mental illness to punish me and try to mentally batter me with the masses into submission of acceptance.

So the system so to speak is a social psychological terror system based on ways to dictate my life, what it should be, what they deem healthy for me, or what they think I should do, or who I should be based on what someone or a group of people want. Removing all freedoms and civil right starting as early as young childhood. Maybe 10 years old. The question of why someone or my family with the government could even think of something so inconceivable, sick and demented seems to start from my families lies that I suffer from anger and rage, am out of control, causing problems, and need to be watched, kept inline, monitored, and my life dictated like some kind of social jail. Yet I have committed no real crimes, and have dedicated my life to being the nicest, kindest giving person imaginable minus those imperfections in life which can be nitpicked like anyone else's life. Not only this compared to my brother, my friends, I seemed to be the most well behaved minus some teen pranks or pushing some minor harmless limits. So the question of why, seems to lead to my families anger, rage, insecurities, and issues of me not being like them, almost like Adolf Hitler. As out of the four of us in the family, I am the black sheep and the only one who does not fit the mold of what the Perelman family is as far as some cookie cutter robotic template. I seem to be the one in the family who thinks for himself and actually looks at situations and makes my conclusions based on what I think, and they don't seem to like that. My family all have psychology degrees and are doctors or therapists. Who really use their psychology for control, and they see someone who has no interest in those careers or to be like them. Gets into cars, or like sexually open women, different cultures, different hobbies, different career choices and they say. “This person is an out of control monster and needs to be stopped” So they use all the resources imaginable working with the government, school systems, mass populations to psychologically torture me into submission with covert mental illness tactics for punishment saying. Look, he's out of control, he got sick, he can't take care of himself, he's causing problem, he's a danger to himself or others. He needs to be watched, he needs to be kept in line. Then telling me things like I am imagining it, just to sensitive or sometimes that I have somehow done something wrong to brainwash me into thinking that I am a horrible monster and that is why this is happening giving me endless lies and disinformation and that I have to accept this is my life and submit to it. ut the System, when looking at the bigger picture is really just a terror system to try to make me crazy, and figure out ways to get the reaction of pushing me to my end as no one normally would remotely care about these intricacies of my, or anyone elses life. For example, creating so much pain and anguish, that I can't take it any longer and end my life, or working with the police to push me out of control and figure out ways to remove me from society.

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